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Our Mission

Help business owners realize their entrepreneurial dreams by aligning their passion with those who appreciate the true value of their offering and delivering consistent sustainable business development solutions.

We will exceed the needs and expectations of our clients, community, vendors and partners through unrelenting commitment to customer service, while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Along the way we hope to share our dream with others through education and opportunities. When all is said and done we want to leave a positive footprint for others to follow and thrive upon.


What would you like to Know?

As managing partner of M.Y. Marketing Solutions, a marketing and business development consultant, Jerry Donohue is focusing on bridging the gap between the needs of the sales department as well as the individual sales person and the marketing efforts put forth by their organizations. These strategies can be widely applied yet Jerry is concentrating on a niche market, small to mid-sized companies.

By partnering with the business owner wearing too many hats to build and execute a sustainable marketing strategy, Jerry delivers the services that allow them to focus on their entrepreneurial dream.

Jerry is an executive with over 20 years of functionally diverse experience driving profitable growth, primarily in the presentation and communications arena. Much of Jerry’s success is based right here in the Philadelphia region with firms such as Comcast, MarshUSA, Rohm and Haas. Jerry has also been a leader in developing relationship with Iconic institutions in the region such as University of Penn Health systems, Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Project HOME.

As a leader in product launches, rollouts and product/service development, Jerry spearheaded the rental division for Haverford Systems, which produced multiple business successes. Instituted trade practices that are considered standard in the industry today. Recognized for his work in training development and delivery techniques, focused on presentation skills, he has worked as a consultant to Smith Barney, General Accident Insurance and Integrated Event Group among others.

Jerry graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. He also obtained an AAS degree in Management, Information Systems. Jerry currently resides in King of Prussia Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. Committed to a healthy environment for all, in his spare time he pursues renewable and sustainable energy initiatives and volunteers for organizations that support the physically and intellectually impaired.